Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our countdown has begun!

We will be leaving for Disney World in 30 days! We have made a chain link out of paper with tons of Disney characters on them! Each day we will cut one link off to give Brayden an idea of when we will be leaving. This will be his first trip to WDW! Actually this will be both of my kids 1st plane trip also! I have had so much fun planning this trip...my OCD has gone wild! I have made shirts for the kids plus I have made a couple of shirts for Hank and I since it will be our Anniversary that week also! I am so ready to leave now!!!

Some deals...

So much for me blogging on a daily basis. We have been so busy!

I have to say this week I have gotten a lot of great deals at Kroger with their Mega Sale. When you buy 10 certain items they credit your bill $5. On top of that most of the items had coupons that I used. I was able to buy 30 items and got $15 off not counting the coupons taken off. When you look at your receipt it will state how much you have saved. Usually mine says anywhere from 10 to 20%, but this week it said 44%!!!

Here is an example of what I go::

Cereal (6 boxes) $1.99 sale price - $.50 (Mega Sale discount)= $8.94- $4 off in coupons= $4.94
That is $.82 a box!

Here are some other bargains I got today:
Office Max: 3 pack of filler paper $.20 each
Total $.65 with tax

Office Depot: Scientific Calculator $6.99
2- 5 pk Sharpie markers $4.49 each
5- 2 pocket folders FREE
Out of Pocket: $15.97 - 15.97 mail in rebates= Everything FREE!!!

On another note, this morning I took the kids along with one of Ashton's friends to Jones Orchard to pick some more peaches and pears. I hope to post pics tomorrow.

Now off to get kids ready for soccer and softball practice...Ugh! We never stop running!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yard of the Month

I came home this afternoon to find another sign in my yard. I honestly had to take a double take. My Homeowner's Association selected my house for "Yard of the Month." Here are some pics. My grass actually needs to be cut and my front bushes need to be trimmed. I have lived here over 11 years and this is the first time we have gotten this award. The sign looks real good next to my For Sale sign! Maybe this will help me sell my house!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lately, Brayden has been dressing up in his costumes I got him last year when they all went on sale after Halloween. I got them dirt cheap. He loves his Army costume that has the big muscles. Instead of getting dressed for the day, he goes and gets it on. Here is a pic of him doing some puzzles during school time.

I went to check on Ashton while she was doing her school work. She hates getting her pic taken. I usually try to sneak up on her, but she is so fast! What am I going to do with that girl!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hank!

This past weekend we have been celebrating Hank's 34th Birthday. I literally mean all weekend! He deserves it, though! Friday night we went to the Melting Pot with some old friends, Richard and Johnna. I wish I had taken pictures. The food was delicious!

Then Saturday we went out to eat with my sister, Kim and her boyfriend, Sam. Here are some pics we took in the car. Afterwards we went to see the movie, The Goods. (No comment on the movie, he definitely earned it's "R" rating.)

Then Sunday after church we celebrated his actual birthday at my mom's. We had grilled steak, squash casserole (by Hand's request), baked potatoes, lima beans, and rolls. Yum!! We ended it with Hank blowing candles out on top of his carrot cake! Happy birthday, Hank! This is to many more years of celebrating your birthday together! We love you!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a relaxing Wednesday for us...

This morning we played outside before it got too hot. I got out the camera and played around. (Yes, we like to play outside in our pj's!lol!)
Brayden playing with his sand/water table.

I was taking pictures of flowers and turned around to see Brayden sitting relaxed in his tractor driving with one of his feet. Crazy boy!

All of my crepe myrtle trees are blooming!

When it started to warm up outside, we decided to pull out the playdoh.

Ashton joined in the fun!