Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some deals...

So much for me blogging on a daily basis. We have been so busy!

I have to say this week I have gotten a lot of great deals at Kroger with their Mega Sale. When you buy 10 certain items they credit your bill $5. On top of that most of the items had coupons that I used. I was able to buy 30 items and got $15 off not counting the coupons taken off. When you look at your receipt it will state how much you have saved. Usually mine says anywhere from 10 to 20%, but this week it said 44%!!!

Here is an example of what I go::

Cereal (6 boxes) $1.99 sale price - $.50 (Mega Sale discount)= $8.94- $4 off in coupons= $4.94
That is $.82 a box!

Here are some other bargains I got today:
Office Max: 3 pack of filler paper $.20 each
Total $.65 with tax

Office Depot: Scientific Calculator $6.99
2- 5 pk Sharpie markers $4.49 each
5- 2 pocket folders FREE
Out of Pocket: $15.97 - 15.97 mail in rebates= Everything FREE!!!

On another note, this morning I took the kids along with one of Ashton's friends to Jones Orchard to pick some more peaches and pears. I hope to post pics tomorrow.

Now off to get kids ready for soccer and softball practice...Ugh! We never stop running!

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